Operating Systems

Our expert staff of programmers have the skills and experience needed to write software for many operating system. We have experience around Unix system since 1975, Microsoft since it started, and Linux since it started. Our experience goes back to the days when minicomputers were common. Today's operating systems are much more sophistocated and require constant updating. Our programmers are constanly upgrading skills to keep up with today's rapid pace.

We were first introduced to Unix in 1975. Since then, we not only use Unix (and Linux) for our own use as a corporate system, but also as a major programming system for development on many other systems. Much of our program development actually occurs on Unix (of Linux) system, then is moved to other operating systems. Why? Unix and Linux offer a wide range of support tools and flexibility not found on any other platform.

Linux is a Unix like operating system, with a kernel originally developed by Mr. Linus Torvalds. Linux distributions are a combination of a Linux kernel, and many other software from the GNU software library, the free software foundation, and other sources. Together, this combination makes an extremely powerful operating system choice. This operating system only originated in the early 90's. Today it is a highly regarded choice for a Unix choice. Many companies, like IBM, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard and many others have also adopted this as their primary choice for present day servers. This is an excellent choice with a more complete set of network services, programming languages, utility support, user services, than any other widely supported operating system on the market. Linux system also make excellent Microsoft file servers.

Microsoft Windows
Our company provides support for Windows operating system as stand-alone systems, network systems with other Microsoft products, and support for integration with other networked operating systems, like Unix, Linux and Novell servers. We offer support on MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/98se/ME/2000 and Windows NT.

Embedded control systems
Most of today's embedded manufacturer's have embedded control system for their devices, however, when needed, we have the ability to write realtime operating systems for today's microprocessors. We write at the assembly level, and with higher level languages (C, C++, Java), or combinations of several language.