Commercial and Industrial classes

This is one of the qualities that makes our company unique. Many companies will install hardware and software, and then only offer support services from themselves. Our goal is to have YOU be able to support and understand as much as possible about the automated equipment in your company. It is our business philosophy that if technical products are to excell for all of us, the end customer has to meet their comfort level around the new equipment. We take the "Blackbox mystery" our of automated equipment.

Wells Computer Systems has been teaching on-site commercial and industrial classes for a wide range of topics, both in hardware and software since 1982.

Classes are targetted for several different groups, the very technical staff, management, and the first time users, for new automation, or new computers and networks.

Some of our classes are for computer languages, communications protocols, new equipment and hardware interfaces.

We're updating our web pages. The courses are not online yet, but will be shortly. Keep checking back. We'll have more courses listed, and will be filling in the details as we update our course content.

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Below is a list of some of the courses we offer:

Course ID Code Course Name Days