Rules for links from ''

Personal pages

We want to allow personal pages for anyone sharing the last name of Wells to be able to have a link from our page. This service is bought to you by Wells Computer Systems Corporation. We do not hold any pages on our site, but we will allow links to other verified pages on the Internet. Of course, nothing is free, but we do want to make this affordable for all. Our fee is $100 per year for personal pages that are referred from our page.

Send your link information to
Please provide your name, the reason for the link, a phone number and Email address where we can reach you. We will review your web page first, then reply back to you, via Email, before linking to it.

After receiving a link, you must keep in touch with us at least once every 6 months to verify that our reference link is still connected properly, and that you still wish to keep a link. This updating process is manual for now (Spring 2001), but will be automated sometime in the future. If you forget to update your link, you will be dropped without notice.

Commercial pages

Commercial pages are listed first, before any of our personal pages. The rate for commercial pages is $588.00/year ($49.00/month). Payments are due before January of each year. If you are subscribing for a partial year (for your first year only), payments for the current month, up until December, of the current year, will be at the current month rate of $49.00/month. Please make arrangements with our business office by sending Email to Edward E. Wells Jr.

Then, payment can be sent to:

   Wells Computer Systems Corporation
   P. O. Box 343
   Levittown, Pa 19058-0343

Your check must be payable to Wells Computer Systems Corporation. Please specify the complete URL to a link you would like us to use for you, and/or the Email address. Please provide us with your complete company (or other contact) information, a contact person and title, a phone number, and an Email address. This information is for our records only and will not be posted, or part of any link.

We do have a few rules for having a link to a personal or commercial page. All money paid must be in United States Dollars only. All checks must clear first before accounts will be added. Annual referral payments are not refundable.

Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate removal. Fees paid for suspended accounts are NOT refundable.
These rules will be strictly enforced.

If you have any question as to the content of a site (before we connect to it), please see us first. We will inspect the site and verify its content.