Network Services

Regardless as to the size of your network requirements, our network engineers have the ability to handle network wiring from small offices, having only a few computers, to large companies with hundreds of connections. We use a wide variety of manufacturers for network equipment, such as hubs, network switches, data concentrators, Internet gateways, routers, firewalls, and other network devices.

We specialize in Internet connectivity, using T1 and T3 lines, Frame Relay, IDSN, DSL, Cable modems, dialup circuits, and many other connection types. We can also provide secured site to site access by way of direct dedicated lines, dialup lines, or with secured data encryption over the internet or other packet switched services.

It is strongly suggested that clients today consider routers with firewall protection when connecting to the Internet.

One of our network engineers can get you the devices you need to handle these functions. We can also provide Network Training for your staff.